Sep. 8th, 2006

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My mother, who now resides in Mississippi with my sister, should be leaving today or tomorrow hopefully. She will be moving out here, to Las Vegas. She will be staying with Don and Kim. I am assuming till she is financially able enough to get her own place. Perhaps she will feel that she is needed with them, now that Kim is about to have a baby boy. Perhaps she will feel secure enough in staying with them that she realizes that she’s old and senile and needs people around to keep her from going crazier than I am, at times. Who knows, but I do believe that moving here, even though it’s the longest drive in history, will allow her to better her self. At the very least better her situation. My sister can be a bit of a bother at times.

Though I don’t mind Great Value milk; I’d drink powdered milk if you could grind the cow up enough. I have noticed that other things NAZIS Wal-Mart makes are not quite so good. Take Honey Toasted Spins for example. They may look like Honey Nut Cheerios, but don’t be fooled. In this case the cheaper box does mean that they use ground up animal parts for flavor.

V for Vendetta was surprisingly good. I was a bit surprised at the scope of Silent Hill. And I realized after careful review of the Austin Powers movies, that they were a gradual down hill slope. Firewall I turned off towards the beginning, it’s one of those I would have walked out kind of movies. Where you go, if someone kidnapped my family, and or friends, I’d let them die. Or things pop out your mouth like, yet another reason not to ever have children. Find me Guilty was pretty good. I wouldn’t mind seeing Van Diesel in a movie as the bad guy once in a while.

I have a new job, one of trust, I see more money that I am allowed to mention; soft count at a casino. I like my new job though I am working semi-hard, for not too long and making jack. It seems like sometimes you have to take a step back and a step down to be truly happy. At least the bills are paid and I have a lot of time on my hands to do the devil’s work.

Danielle and I are truly happy together. We might get married, either after I fix my credit, after a year. Although, I think that getting married is usually for everyone else’s benefit, and to get a bunch of crap gifts you don’t want from strangers family.

As far as Xbox games go. Leisure Suit Larry is pretty good, Danielle’s addicted to it. I found Dreamfall: The longest Journey to be ok, like watching a movie. And I can safely recommend all of the Hitman games. I would like to see Hitman made into movie series with the guy from The Transporter playing the Hitman. I think it would be a good roll for him.

Other than that I haven’t been doing much except taking care of the animals and plants around the house. And compiling recipes, Danielle’s mom clipped out of here and there over the past 30 years, into cook book.


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