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I recently opened a WAMU account, because they are supposed to be so great... However the opened up my account that was supposed to be a Nevada account as a IL or something because that's where the call center was that I got when I called. This has caused issues. On top of that I can't get an account number or routing number from anyone... And when I called customer service the first person I got on the phone was a retard. I mean litterally a studdering blittering idiot. (perhaps I am an asshole) but when I am dealing with my personal financial business; it may be nice of them to hire the handicapped; however I don't want to deal with those kind of people. Further I called back and the second girl was riding the hold button. What the fuck I felt like I was calling cingular... Anyways just to warn you, it may look pretty on the outside, but when you bite into it, WAMU is really a shit brownie... I have sense discoved that I have to go to a branch to get my account number, and sense they opened the fucker up in a different state, no one is really sure what the routing number is, because it's not supposed to be opened up in a differnet state if I reside in NV. On top of all that, I would have to close that account out, open a new account and wait again for my debit cards and checks in order to even use the account, at this point, if I don't get cash for my 23.99 for my thousands of dollars worth of appliances and furniture, I think I will wait my 60 days or whatever and just get a friggen debit card from paypal.
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